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It is time for the topic of mental health to take center stage.

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Chasing Success and Overcoming Adversity

Each and every one of us will face our challenges. For some, they will take it on the chin, grow from the experience and move forward. 

For others, however, it will stop them dead in their tracks and become a challenge that’s unable to be overcome.


How we navigate this moment will display more strength of character than any great accomplishment or deed.

Nathan not only discusses his rise to the upper echelon of hyper-masculinity serving with the Australian Special Forces but also how it all came crashing down. Nathan describes in great detail his rise and fall from the pinnacle of success to the depths of hell…but more importantly, what he did next when he hit rock bottom.

Masculinity and Accepting who we are

To be a man is every young male’s dream. The entire notion of being able to stand tall, and proud of the man we have become…is an end point that we all chase.

However, for many of us, what we aren’t taught is that satisfaction can only exist within the realm of vulnerability. 


It is a bi-product of accepting who we are, being proud of our limitations, and being brave enough to break through our masks and wear it proudly. Only then can we find true fulfilment, connectedness and live a life worth living. 

Brought up living in the shadow of his Grandfather, a man who was a visionary of his time and earned the highest of respect from his peers, Nathan explores how he went on a dangerous quest to try and fulfil the legacy that was left behind. He discusses the idealistic expectations he came to uphold regarding what it meant to be a man, and his unrelenting pursuit to achieve it. Nathan delves into how the very beliefs that drove him to the top, were also responsible for his demise and how he found satisfaction in the most unexpected of places.

Questions and Answers: Show and Tell

Whether talking about ANZAC Day or Australia’s involvement in war, Show and Tell allows teachers to bring a contemporary soldiers voice into the classroom.

Nathan candidly shares his experiences from the front line, informing, entertaining and inspiring the students.


Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions, try on body armour and other equipment, and watch GoPro footage from Nathans helmet cam in Afghanistan.


“Your speech was an inspirational sensation, throughout the whole speech, we were on the edge of our seats always listening to every word you said.”

“The best muster ever…my son’s comment on the way home from school yesterday. Don’t leave behind a Lamborghini…leave behind a legacy.”

“Your speech was one of the best I have heard in Memorial Hall over the past 23 years.” 

“I have 2 sons (Yr 10 and Yr 8), who were deeply moved by your story and struggle. This created a conversation at the dinner table where my 15 year old said ‘he made me feel that it’s ok to talk about how we are feeling’. Thank you so much for helping these boys realise that it is OK to talk.”

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