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September 2, 2020

What are they and why they matter?

I think most of us have worked at a workplace and have felt that our efforts have gone unnoticed by management. You feel overlooked, worthless and undervalued, and you feel this underlying tone of resent sifting through the workplace. You know you like your job, you know the money is pretty alright, but every morning, without hesitation, you wake up dreading having to spend another day in that toxic wasteland.

Yes, I know what it feels like. And I know it’s not only frustrating and exhausting, but it also downright fucking sucks.

However, having the opportunity to work in such environments has also taught me what to never emulate. I can very easily carry on this vicious circle to assist propping up my own insecurities, my own ego, now that it is my own business that I’m running; but every time I have an honest moment of reflection, I still completely and utterly struggle to even fathom how I would ever let my own workplace ever look like that. I guess, this period of my life has taught me some core values around the importance of culture in the workplace that I felt like sharing.


We value you for you. That is why we hired you. Because you fill a void and/or possess a skill set that we lack. We all have different pasts; we’ve all lived different lives and experienced different things. Everyone who has joined our team is there for a reason…because we want you there. The best ideas can come from those you’d least expect.


Treat people the way you yourself would like to be treated. Double standards do not fly here and never will they. When times are stressful and fuses are short, consideration of your circumstances, your health and your wellbeing will always be front and centre. We get that, because we have lived it, and we are well aware that the best version of you does not exist in states of overwhelm.


Stating opinions as facts in order to be heard is a rabbit hole we never want to slip into. We believe in carefully examining and analysing information logically & rationally to judge its value. We further believe that information should always be assessed on both its strengths and weaknesses, with alternative explanations always considered. Our mission is to make academic literature accessible, engaging and relatable; so that others can learn from the lessons that we learnt.


Do it once and do it right. If it’s worth doing, have the audacity to see it through. Some of the best things in our lives have come from nothing more than sheer determination. The creation of Bolton Brothers has been an 8 year journey of conflict, arguments and momentary victories, Nathan’s recovery from PTSD and overcoming severe complex war-related trauma was a 7 year battle scouring the depths of hell. Or it comes from creating a new website or logo and standing tall behind your voice and opinions and never “just settling” until you know it’s what you envisaged and it’s what you wanted. Only goals shrouded in determined perseverance, will ever see the light of day.


We all have trillions of neurons with seemingly unlimited connective pathways. Creativity is innate in all of us. We all have the ability to think in new ways, think outside the box, or associating some once seemingly unrelated phenomena together. You may not be an artist, but we are all creative. We want you to harness that inner spark, let go of the analytical mind at times and think freely because at times, a seed of an idea can become the next big thing. Unleash your inner artist.


If you’re not true to your word…then what is left?? Being accountable of your actions is at the leading edge of leadership. Whether the decision was an outright success or whether it crashed and burned. Stand tall behind your decisions, reflect on any of lessons learnt and endeavour to grow from the experience. Leadership doesn’t always come from making the right decision, it instead, comes from making decisions.


Micromanaging is an obsolete skill set that both tarnishes and inhibits creativity and productivity. So that is why we believe in choosing the right person for the job. When it comes down to it, nothing goes further than self-motivation, reliance and a willingness to uphold standards. We can’t be in all places at once, so trusting others to fulfil their role requires the ultimate level of trust.

These is not an exhaustive list, but are engrained in who we are and what we stand for. Thanks for reading.

Bolton Brothers