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Bolton Brothers is a psychology company committed to changing the face of men’s mental health. Next year, we are looking to establish a psychology practice dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of males in the community. We are working hard to understand the needs of men and hope we can deliver high quality, reliable, psychological services that result in satisfied clients and favourable outcomes. The public speaking division of the company is dedicated towards delivering keynote public speaking services around the topic of mental health and well-being, perfect for schools, businesses, conferences and special events. The production division is striving to develop and produce psychology based content that aims to inform, inspire, educate and improve the mental health and well-being of everyday people.

Meet the team

Nathan Bolton


Nathan’s mental health journey began on the battlefield. As a Special Operations Combat Engineer within the Special Operations Task Group, Nathan was twice deployed to Afghanistan with the Australian Special Forces. His primary role was the search and clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices. In short, he was tasked with protecting his fellow soldiers and those around him from a hidden threat no one could see.

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The stress and the pressure was a heavy burden on Nathan. Following his second tour, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Major Depression. Once again, Nathan was combating a hidden enemy that only he could see. It was an internal battle that destroyed the man he once was – a fight that almost took his life.

But the soldier in Nathan kept fighting, and through years of hard work and a belief in a better life, Nathan rose victorious. It was a profound recovery, a success against all odds, and an experience that inspired him to help others walking the same path. As co-founder of Bolton Brothers Entertainment he now shares his story, and those of others, in an effort to delve into the heart of the human condition and reveal a better understanding of who we are. And, most importantly, to demonstrate that recovery is possible.

Daniel Bolton


Daniel is a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Professional Wrestler.Upon leaving WWE, Daniel fulfilled a number of leadership roles as Head Security at popular venues and Music Festivals. Daniel left his position as head security to commence a degree studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science where he remains to present day. Daniel will specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological trauma. 

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Upon completion of his degree, Daniel will work with servicemen and women and emergency service personnel (e.g., police force, fire-fighters and first responders) to better manage their mental health needs.

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